Management of real estate objects


Management of your property

Maintenance of real estate objects is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the normal operation of real estate, property management, including accounting and control over its use, ensuring the safety and security of property, etc.

The specific functions that are included in the management of real estate objects may vary depending on the type of object (apartment, office space, warehouse, etc.) and its purpose (rent, sale, use for own needs).

The main tasks of maintaining real estate objects:

- Control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations between the landlord and the tenant (if the object is used for rent);

- Maintenance and repair of the facility;

- Carrying out repair work and investment repair;

- Organization of cleaning and maintenance of the territory of the facility;

- Development and implementation of security measures at the facility;

- Accounting and control over the use of property;

- Organization of work with documentation related to the object.

All these tasks are carried out by our professional team. You can trust and delegate the management of your property to us.

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