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Properties you won´t find in the Internet

Off Market real estate is real estate that is not listed on the open market and is not listed on real estate websites. Such properties may only be available to certain buyers who have special connections with sellers or real estate agents.

These can be both new buildings that have not yet been publicly announced for sale, or objects that are already owned, but not put up for sale. Off market properties often have specific characteristics and may be rarer in the real estate market.

Off-market transactions can occur for various reasons, including the desire for privacy, the need for a quick sale, or the intention to reach a specific target audience. Accessing off-market properties usually requires networking, connections, or engaging with real estate professionals who have insider knowledge of such opportunities.

At Goldmanstark we constantly work on our networking and may proudly say that we do have exclusive properties for sale off market as well as an impressive data base of active investors. Contact us to list your real estate off market or check on the possibilities we may offer for you right now. 

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